Infant Baptisms and Questions About Protestantism

The Question of Infant Baptisms

Infant Baptism

For those of you who are engaged in apologetics, whether from the receptive side or the expressive side or both, here’s an interesting article from Catholic Answers .

This particular article is on Infant Baptism. Should we, the Church, be baptizing infants?, furthermore, in doing so does it actually have an effect on the child? Very clearly Mr. Keating answers the question with a resounding YES! and YES! Read the article and be ready next time you are in an apologetics conversation with one of your non-denominational Christian friends.

Is Protestantism Simply Christianity that is Not Catholic?

An interesting secondary point that can be gleamed from this article is something I have been seeing and considering more and more. Which is a growing awareness of the distinction between traditional Protestantism and Evangelicanism.

After reading the article I would be interested to hear from you, especially on this secondary point. Are all Protestants simply Christians that are not Catholic? Or is there a significant difference in their beliefs in relation to other non-Catholic Christian communities? Finally, I would ask the question, “Can Protestantism, in its various forms, maintain a line of doctrine without the contradiction (protest) to Catholicism as its starting point?”

We learn as we go.